Mike McGlynn’s Wife Spent Her Summer Being Mike Vick

Mike McGlynn
Getty Images

With Jamaal Jackson rehabbing an ACL, Kevin Kolb is left with guard Nick Cole filling in at center.

It's not going well. CSN Philly even paints a kickball-ish scene in which Cole sounds more like a human Wipeout obstacle than professional football snapper. We're sure this'll be fixed by September.

Exchanges on the Mike Vick's second team, however, are going much more smoothly, though it isn't thanks to any support from Jackson. CSN Philly's Jordan Ranaan reports he isn't providing any help at all to the pair filling in for him, leaving them entirely on their own.

Rather, it's all thanks to makeshift backup Mike McGlynn forcing his wife to pretend to be Michael Vick all summer. If you're invited to her 30th birthday, Philly, it's probably best to not to go.

He practiced his snapping constantly in his house, using his wife as the stand-in quarterback.

"No joke, I put my wife four yards back in the shotgun and made her catch them," said McGlynn, who has never played a professional or college game at center. 

"My wife hasn't played a lick of competitive sports ever. She's more a cheerleader and dance team member. She looks at me and shakes her head. 'Really, do I have to do this?'

"'Babe, it's part of my job. I've got to make sure I'm good with this.'"

It's fun to imagine he also asked her to act exactly like Mick Vick, but this lady deserves a hand -- after a courtship presumably resigned to watching offensive linemen, she probably knows her share about snap counts and shotguns, and she's already bested Jackson in the generosity department.

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