Markelle Fultz Shows Off Crazy Handles in Practice Videos

Now that the NBA draft is in the rearview mirror and we've got some time until free agency opens up and summer league kicks off, that means one thing: Young NBA Stars Working Out in Empty Gym Season.

And we've got a doozy of a video from Markelle Fultz showing off his impressive handle.

Empty gym with zero defenders or not, that's some skill right there.

If you missed it from late last week, Fultz has been working with trainer Drew Hanlen who leads us to believe big improvements in Markelle's shot are coming:

For me, it was hey listen 'how can I get this kid that was No. 1 in last year's draft back rolling and get him to the point where he was before, or if not better?' We've been working hard everyday, working on rewiring his body and getting kind of a smooth stroke back in his shot. We're way ahead of pace where I thought we were gonna be. I thought it was gonna take me at least six weeks before we had kind of a serviceable jump shot. We already started to shoot with a jump in Week 2.

It's not perfect yet, but I think by the end of the summer it will be perfect, he'll be back rolling and he'll show people why he was the No. 1 pick. Even though I do give him trouble on a daily basis and tell him and remind him that I still believe Jayson Tatum was the best player in that draft.

All signs point to Fultz putting in work this offseason. Sixers fans are hoping and praying for big strides from the former No. 1 overall draft pick. 

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