Know Your Andy Reid Replacement: Jon Gruden

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Every time the Eagles lose for the rest of this season, we're going to profile potential replacements for head coach Andy Reid should he resign or be fired. It's a little bit of new coach porn to help get you through this disaster. This week's candidate: Jon Gruden.

Name: Jon David Gruden. NOT short for Jonathan. I don’t trust him.

Career Record: 95-81

Nicknames: Chucky a.k.a. THISGUY a.k.a. THIS YOUNG MAN.

Credentials: Super Bowl champion. Took his teams to the playoffs in five of his 11 seasons as a head coach, which is actually a worse percentage than Andy Reid...even still -- NEW COACH! You’re also probably aware that Gruden served as offensive coordinator here from 1995-1997, the last time he served as an assistant coach in the NFL. Gruden knows the current Eagles offense quite well, which makes him an ideal candidate to replace Andy Reid. With Gruden around, the Eagles could keep most of their core personnel and offensive playbook in place while getting rid of all of Andy Reid’s baggage. It wouldn’t be like starting over from scratch with a coach that has an entirely different system of his own. Also, after Reid’s often-grating levelheadedness, it might be nice to bring in a hothead like Gruden, who will actually EMOTE when things go horribly wrong.

Weaknesses: Failed to win a playoff game in his final six seasons as Bucs head coach. Gruden has also been out of football for three years, which is a virtual eternity. Gruden has been courted by numerous pro and college teams since his firing, and he’s declined enough offers to make you think that perhaps, in his heart, he really doesn’t want to coach anymore. Perhaps he’s content to sit up in the ESPN booth with Jaws and loudly compliment players for the rest of eternity. I really hope not. My ears can’t take it.

There’s also the issue of quarterbacks. Gruden is legendary for being picky about his QBs, and there’s no guarantee he’ll deem Mike Vick or Vince Young a perfect fit. And if he jettisons both QBs, suddenly this team is in full rebuild mode.

Odds of Being Named the Next Eagles Coach if Reid Goes: 10/1. He’s familiar with the team and would be stepping into a decent situation personnel wise. If Gruden were to turn this offer down, I think it’s likely that he’s committed to his broadcasting career.

Do You Want Him?: Only you know for sure. Let us know in the comments.

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