Help Make Stairs Go Yard at the Home Run Derby

Can fans unite to get in the short guy who swings a mighty stick?

A new online movement called for fans to vote for Phillies pinch-hitting-home-run-machine Matt Stairs to make his blasts felt at the 2009 All-Star Game festivities.

"Stairs for the Derby" asked fans to write in the slugging Canadian to take place in the 2009 All-Star Home Run Derby in St. Louis, Mo. The sites challenges fans to join together to get a good guy and non-cheater like Matt Stairs into the derby just like the devious "Vote for Manny" movement begged for fans to vote in disgraced Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez.

The process of the fans picking the participants of the Home Run Derby is totally new this season. It opens up the opportunity for fans to see different stars swing for fences rather than the normal league leaders who have taken part in the past.

The voting process is simple. Fans just need to write "Matt Stairs" and select Phillies to get him the vote.

It's doubtful that enough fans will jump aboard this movement to get a guy into the derby who only has three home runs this season but the movement alone shows how fans have embraced Stairs as one of their own.

If you want to make a difference for a Philly folk hero then start voting for Stairs now by going to MLB's Home-Run Derby Web site.

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