Game 5: Expect to Get Wet!

Rain not expected to delay the game.

Game 5 of the World Series is expected to be another wet one.  Rainy, cold and windy. is reporting a 90% chance of "light" rain during the game, but it is not expected to delay the game.

NB10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz said he expected the rain to start before the first pitch, continue throughout the game and get worse as the night goes on. 

Expect it to about 51-degrees around the first pitch, but that will drop to about 40 during the game.

Winds are expected at 10 to 20 MPH.

Phils fans - get the raincoats back out.  One hour before gametime, there has been no talk by MLB of a game delay.

Stay here for the latest forecast details and radar.

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