Game Changers: A Running Volunteer

Motivation works both ways for Larry Greenberg.

He's a marathon runner who took up the sport to get into shape -- but -- to add a little more incentive he's combined his running habit with his volunteering.

Greenberg is striving to run four marathons in four months to raise money for the Ludwig's Corner Fire Department.

He's the the department's self-proclaimed "rookie." But, his volunteering efforts are reaching all the way to top.

The fire company is 100 percent volunteer and Greenberg's goal is to raise $6,500 to help supply every firefighter in the department with a portable radio.

Greenberg calls the radio "a firefighter's lifeline." All tolled it's a $13,000 goal -- Ludwig's Corner hopes to match Greenberg's fund raising effort in grants.

You can donate to firefighter safety by clicking this link or send a check to
Ludwig's Corner Fire Department:
1325 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore, PA 19343

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