Tiger Is Expanding His Empire to Mexico

Tiger Woods may never play golf again*, but he's still keeping himself plenty busy. Whether it's spending time with his wife Elin, or traveling far and wide to develop golf courses, Eldrick is forever on the move. In addition to projects in North Carolina and Dubai, Woods also has his sights on developing some beachfront property in Mexico.

Tiger Woods has announced his latest golf project, Punta Brava, a private golf and ocean club community on the Baja Peninsula south of Ensenada, Mexico about 40 minutes south of San Diego. Punta Brava sits on the tip of a peninsula that extends seven miles into the Pacific Ocean making for beautiful views on the planned 18-hole par 70 oceanfront course.

Ah, yes, what better use of miles of natural beauty than to build a golf course and throw up some McMansions for only millionaires to enjoy. Gotta keep out the riffraff and hippies, after all (Yay, capitalism!).

For those of you with a few mil lying around (and in these heady economic times, that's pretty much all of us), more fun details:

The project also includes 40 estates lots ranging from three-quarter to three acres and priced between $3 million and $12 million, 30 Individual-own villa residences of 4,500 to 7,000 square feet, 60 Partnership villas of 4,500 to 6,500 square feet and a 20-villa private hotel for residents and their guests.

Construction will begin early next year with a 2011 completion date, but as Luxist.com points out, "it's a gorgeous spot but the prices seem a bit ambitious for what used to be an area best known for spring break on the cheap for California college students."

Yeah, I'm guessing those days are over. So you might want to relocate that Fat Tuesday somewhere else.

* slight exaggeration; he'll be back in by the Masters, I'm betting

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