Rendell Sets Sights on Heading Up NFL, MLB

Sports-loving Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell may be setting his sights on new pastures when his time in office ends in 2010.

Rendell apparently will not be running for an office, but would consider a shot as the commissioner of baseball or head of the NFL, according to

The governor makes regular appearances on many sports shows from Comcast Sportsnet's Eagles postgame show to NBC10's Sports Final.

"If he were offered the opportunity to be the commissioner of baseball or football, he would be interested," Rendell's press secretary Chuck Ardo told the website.

We all know Rendell has an opinion, but could he hack it? Guess we have to wait and see if it becomes a reality.

Hell, he can always ask his buddy Phillies owner David Montgomery for help and if that doesn't work out, Eddie can give Arnold the governator a ring for an acting gig.

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