Sam Bradford's and Carson Wentz's NFL MVP Odds

If you were a big fan of Sam Bradford's magical last seven games in 2015, boy, have we got a deal for you. 

According to Bovada, Bradford's odds to win the NFL MVP award are 150/1, significantly better than No. 2 overall pick and Eagles No. 3 quarterback Carson Wentz, who comes in at 300/1. 

Chase Daniel's name does not appear on the list of 63 players. 

At 4/1, Aaron Rodgers is the favorite to win the MVP, followed by Ben Roethlisberger (7/1), Cam Newton (15/2), Russell Wilson (8/1) and Tom Brady (9/1). 

If you're wondering about the company Bradford is keeping, the following players are also going off at 150/1: Le'Veon Bell, Kirk Cousins, Alshon Jeffrey, David Johnson, Mark Sanchez, Ryan Tannehil, Tyrod Taylor. 

And Wentz's company at 300/1: Jared Goff, Jimmy Graham, Larry Fitzgerald, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jerey Maclin, Doug Martin, LeSean McCoy, Thomas Rawls. 

Here's the full list: 

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Aaron Rodgers                          4/1
Ben Roethlisberger                   7/1
Cam Newton                            15/2
Russell Wilson                          8/1
Tom Brady                                9/1 
Andrew Luck                           12/1 
Carson Palmer                          12/1 
Eli Manning                              25/1 
J.J. Watt                                     25/1 
Drew Brees                               33/1 
Adrian Peterson                        33/1 
Todd Gurley                              40/1 
Tony Romo                               40/1 
Derek Carr                                50/1 
Andy Dalton                             50/1 
Blake Bortles                            66/1 
Antonio Brown                         66/1 
Rob Gronkowski                       66/1 
Brock Osweiler                         66/1 
Matt Ryan                                 66/1 
Philip Rivers                             75/1
Odell Beckham                        100/1 
Teddy Bridgewater                  100/1
Jamaal Charles                         100/1 
Jay Cutler                                 100/1 
Ezekiel Elliot                            100/1
Joe Flacco                                100/1 
Julio Jones                               100/1 
Khalil Mack                             100/1 
Marcus Mariota                       100/1 
Alex Smith                               100/1 
Matthew Stafford                     100/1 
Jameis Winston                         100/1
Sam Bradford                           150/1 
LeVeon Bell                              150/1 
Kirk Cousins                             150/1 
Alshon Jeffery                          150/1 
David Johnson                          150/1 
Mark Sanchez                           150/1
Ryan Tannehill                          150/1
Tyrod Taylor                             150/1 
Dez Bryant                                200/1 
Amari Cooper                           200/1 
A.J. Green                                 200/1 
DeAndre Hopkins                     200/1
Von Miller                                 200/1 
Robert Griffin lll                       250/1 
T.Y. Hilton                                 250/1 
Colin Kaepernick                      250/1 
DeMarco Murra                        250/1 
Jordy Nelson                             250/1 
Allen Robinson                         250/1
Jonathan Stewart                       250/1
Demaryius Thomas                   250/1 
Devonta Freeman                      300/1
Jared Goff                                 300/1
Jimmy Graham                          300/1
Larry Fitzgerald                         300/1 
Ryan Fitzpatrick                        300/1 
Jeremy Maclin                           300/1
Doug Martin                              300/1 
LeSean McCoy                          300/1
Thomas Rawls                           300/1
Carson Wentz                            300/1

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