It Appears Carson Wentz May Have Already Been Booed in Philly

Carson Wentz has arrived in Philadelphia!

The Eagles' new quarterback is scheduled to speak with the media later this evening at the NovaCare Complex but that didn't stop cameras from following him as he arrived at PHL International Airport and walked to the car waiting to whisk him away to the Eagles' facility.

Some "fans" already appear perturbed with Wentz who was not signing autographs on his walk -- he was accompanied by team security guards -- and that left them angry.

"Come on, you won't sign for a season ticket holder?! Not lookin' good on the news!" said one grown man looking for the signature of another grown man.

The ending to the video is the absolute worst, though.

"Boooo already! We're going to boo you already!" screamed a seemingly different grown man looking for the signature of another adult.

Let it be noted that Carson did give a nice high-five to random fan walking by.

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