Ravens Should Win Battle of Birds: “Experts”

A team of Birds will win, which one is the question

The Birds will win Sunday -- that’s what our football-picking team of “experts” thinks.

Oh yeah, by Birds we mean Ravens, not Eagles.

That’s right, 75 percent of our “experts” see a Ravens win in the Eagles home opener.

“I have to say Baltimore because the Eagles gave up way too many penalty yards last game and don’t think it will change in a week,” says graphic artist Derek. “Mike Vick isn’t looking great and confident and one good hit is going to take him out. Their red zone is still missing. 16-9 Ravens.”

Relatively low scoring seems to be a theme amongst our pickers.

“Ravens 17, Eagles 10,” reporter Tim Furlong said. “Relatively low-scoring game where the two defenses will keep it tight -- Mike Vick will throw two INTs.”

“The Eagles will do a decent job limiting the Ravens offense,” says sale guy Corey. “Vick and the rest of the Eagles O will not be able to get the extra score that they need to tie the score or put them over.  Ravens 20, Eagles 17.”

Birds Nest blogger Brian Solomon thinks the Ravens are just too good for an Eagles team still working out the kinks.

“23-19 Ravens. After the pounding the Ravens delivered in Week 1, they look like one of the best teams in the league. Eagles are still working things out. Baltimore in a close one.”

I see things differently. The Ravens -- who barely ever lose at home -- aren’t a great road team averaging three losses each of the last two seasons. I also think they will be looking ahead to a playoff rematch against the Patriots next week rather than an NFC opponent this week. Add in the short week – the Ravens played on Monday night – and I see an opening for Vick and the Birds. Eagles 27, Ravens 17.

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