Finally the Eagles Bring Back Kelly Green


Sunday is the start of the Kevin Kolb era. But as the Birds peel off the wrapper on their new leader they will also be looking to the past.

Looking back by paying homage to their last champions.

The Birds will take the field against the Packers rocking out in the 1960s uniform scheme worn by Hall of Famers Norm Van Brocklin, Tommy McDonald and Chuck Bednarik when they led the Eagles over Green Bay.

It’s great that the Birds are giving their last championship team some very appropriate dap on Sunday but that isn’t what I’m excited to see this game.

It’s about time that the Eagles ditched the worn-out current forest green look and returned to the classic Kelly green that they wore into the 90s. I’ve been calling for this for years. And even if it’s only for one game it’s worth it.

But, maybe this will be a throwback that carries itself to more than just one game. We all know these jerseys are more popular than the Philadelphia-flagged themed, Swedish flag lookalike, yellow and sky blue jersey they wheeled out a few years back for the team’s 75th anniversary. So, it’s possible that these throwbacks could become part of the regular rotation -- similar to the old Oilers jerseys for the Titans or the classic Lions silver and blue.

Even if these throwbacks are just a one off they still should help bring in some extra cash for the Eagles. Expect plenty of holiday shopping lists this winter to include DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley, LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek jerseys in classic Kelly green.

And, hopefully that extra cash or just the fact that the old jersey look fresher than the current ones, will get fans a second chance to see the Eagles take the field in their traditional Kelly green.

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