Eagles in White to Raise Green

If you've got the extra dough and you're dying to hang out with Donovan McNabb, all you have to do cough up $75, throw on your hottest white attire and get to the Cira Center across from 30th Street Station on Saturday, June 6.

Why the White Party? Well, it's to benefit D-Mac's own foundation, DM5, which works to boost the awareness and prevention of diabetes, a disease that his father Sam suffers from. The foundation also gives scholarships to kids from his Chicago-area high school (hello?! What about Philly students?) and provides funds to charities like the American Red Cross.

Lots o' Birds and other celebrities will be at McNabb's White Party, so if you're looking to meet some of your favorite professional athletes AND help a great cause, call 215-595-3888 to purchase your tickets.

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