Bobblehead Reid Drives the Bus Up the NJ Turnpike

The Eagles latest Flash video pays homage to an ad familiar to NFL fans.

No it’s not a beer ad or something for erectile dysfunction but the NFL Play 60 ad featuring the Atlanta Falcons.

This time instead of the real Falcons coach Mike Smith, QB “Matty Ice” Ryan and WR “Rowdy Roddy White getting on the bus it’s animated versions of Eagles coach Andy Reid, QB Michael “I used to be a Falcon” Vick and WR DeSean “Back Flop” Jackson.

A few things stand out on the latest Eagles PR flash video -- mostly the hilarious bobbleheading of all the Eagles players, announcers, coaches and more as gang green heads up the New Jersey Turnpike to the Meadlowlands to take on the Giants.

The funniest parts of the ad? There are so many but these are some of my favorites:

  • Reid driving the bus in all his bobbleheaded glory because he head is way to small compared to his body.
  • Sean McDermott looking a bit like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.
  • The cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking, green-haired lady Eagles fan.
  • And of course owner Jeffrey Lurie with his hair sticking straight up partying with Swoop.

Of course the Go! Team -- the band behind the original Play 60 ad -- must love getting some more royalties for the Eagles using the same song, “The Power Is on.”

And let’s hope Eagles fans will enjoy not only this video but a powered up Birds win on Sunday.

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