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Dumb Patriots Fan Desecrates Cheesesteak in Devastating Self-own



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    Dumb Patriots fan desecrates cheesesteak in devastating self-own

    The title of this post is exactly what it describes – incredibly weak Philadelphia Eagles trash talk during the way-too-long lead-up to Super Bowl LII.

    Imagine thinking this plan sounded edgy and cool.

    A New England Patriots fan – naturally, associated with Barstool Sports – comes to town to purchase a cheesesteak from the most touristy spot possible, Geno's. But in a shocking plot twist, said fan doesn't eat the food he paid for with money, instead choosing to smash a cheesesteak in the street. The moral of the story is chowder is better, because Boston and Super Bowl. End scene with intense imagery: A close-up of the mangled sandwich on pavement.

    That about capture the artistic vision here?

    Why a person would travel any distance to buy an item for the express purpose of destroying it as part of a poorly staged photo shoot to post on social media is clearly beyond me. But that is apparently a thing you do when you're a Patriots fan.

    I suppose the video was supposed to be representative of what the Patriots will do to the Eagles on the football field this Sunday. All I was thinking about the whole time is what an astounding waste of time and resources this was.