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Carson Wentz Took His Offensive Lineman Hunting (and Eating)



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    Carson Wentz took his offensive lineman hunting (and eating)

    Carson Wentz had already purchased his offensive lineman guns for Christmas last season so it was only a matter of time before they all went out together to shoot some stuff.

    Wentz posted a photo on Tuesday and said that day had finally come.

    What, was Mike Trout busy playing baseball this time of year?

    "Had a blast with the o-line shooting some guns and eating some steak and potatoes," Wentz wrote as a caption. He also included the 

    While Wentz had purchased gun locks for his guys in the past, he may want to teach them a little more gun safety. One guy in the photo appears to be on his cell phone while holding a gun.

    Not a lot else to gleen from the photo other than the dudes spending some time together. That appears to be Isaac Seumalo on the truck. You can see a dog in the cab. And it appears Dillon Gordon is wearing a Dillon Gordon LSU jersey lol.