“Cole Has Better Hair:” Heidi Hamels

Mrs. "Hollywood" Hamels talks about her hubby

We've heard of "Hollywood" but "Pert Plus" -- that's a new one.

Heidi Hamels sat down with NBC Philadelphia to talk about her husband, baseball, the Hamels Foundation and hair, of course.

The big admission was that Hamels said that her husband, Phillies All-Star pitcher Cole Hamels has better hair than she does.

"They call him Pert Plus," she said about her husband.

And in case you're thinking he's got more genetic blessing than one man deserves, maybe it helps to know he doesn't roll out of bed looking that way. "He has to comb it back first," Heidi said.

But, enough about the hair -- Mrs. Hamels has quickly become the most recognizable baseball wife in Philly. She and her baseball-star husband have the looks and the drive to make a difference in their community.

The couple met after Heidi (a "Survivor" star) threw out the first pitch before a Spring Training game a few seasons back. Cole waited in line for her autograph and the fairy tale began -- the couple married on New Year's Eve 2006.

Since they married, Mrs. Hamels has helped her husband become a man. Cole helped himself grow too and that gives Mrs. Hamels great pride.

"His mistakes are on a greater scale," said Hamels about her husband. "He didn't have time to grow up like most people."

Hamels has matured into a great athlete on the field and a humanitarian off the field thanks in part to his wife. The power couple has put children first by forming the Hamels Foundation.

The foundation is about giving kids hope, said Hamels.

Heidi is currently trying to raise about $10 million to open a fully operational school in Malawi, Africa. The school would provide children with the education and services to grow up healthy in the HIV-torn country, she said.

"These kids will be the first generation to grow up HIV free," said Hamels.

And, they are also trying to empower children right here in America.

"We want to help schools become better for everyone," said Hamels.

The foundation is trying to bridge the gap between both urban and rural schools. They want less-privileged kids to know that they have plenty to offer and can overcome their surroundings, she said.

The foundation is throwing a fundraiser on Monday night at the Please Touch Museum. The "Carnival for Adults," will feature lots of games including "whack a Met" and appearances by Phillies and Eagles players.

"We want adults to remember what it's like to be a kid," said Hamels.

Anyone who wants tickets can call 215-627-1060.

Hamels also talked about the life of a baseball wife.

"You don't have a normal life," she said.

You only get to see your husband for four and half to five months a year -- it's almost like the military life style, she said.

She tries to cheer on her husband and the Phillies as best she can. She watches games on TV when the team is on the road but that was tough this week because she grew up a hardcore St. Louis Cardinals fan in Missouri and had to watch the Phils play her other favorite team.

But as long as Cole is happy than Heidi is happy.

Despite the hectic schedule and time apart Hamels is happy for what she and Cole have in life. She hopes the good times last.

"Hopefully [Cole] is like Jamie Moyer and pitches until he is 46," she said.

Phillies fans hope for the same thing.

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