Cal Ripken Jr. Bails on Sandusky's ‘Second Mile' Honorary Board

Baseball Hall of Famer asks charity to remove his names from their honorary board in the wake of the Penn State-Sandusky child-sex scandal

Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr. is no longer an honorary board member of the Second Mile charity, which was founded by alleged child rapist and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday, the beloved major league baseball player asked Second Mile to remove his name from its website’s list of “Board of Directors: Honorary Board,” reports the Baltimore Sun.

This all comes in the wake of indictments accusing Sandusky of using the charity to befriend and then molest young boys, and the subsequent unraveling of Penn State as officials from the top-down were fired for their alleged inaction.

Ripken’s spokesman John Maroon told the Baltimore Sun that the former shortstop spoke at a Second Mile event once, and his name went on the honorary list after that.

"In the nonprofit world, people end up on an honorary board and sometimes they don't even know they're on it," Steve Salem, president of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, told the newspaper. "It doesn't really mean anything."

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Hotlz also asked the charity to remove him name, but golfer Arnold Palmer, Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid and actor Mark Wahlberg have not, reports the Sun.

Sandusky is the target of the grand jury investigation. He's accused of sexually abusing at least nine boys, all of whom participated in Second Mile and youth sports camps he ran at a satellite campus for six years after he was barred from using Penn State's main campus.

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