Bynum to Undergo Controversial Knee Treatment

The newly-acquired Sixers big man will travel to Germany to have the same procedure that Kobe Bryant underwent last year

Surgeries for a dislocated left knee cap, a torn MCL and a torn meniscus are the list of knee procedures that the newest 76ers center has experienced in his career.

After playing most of last season injury-free, Andrew Bynum will have another procedure on his knee(s) before the season.

In early September, Bynum will travel to Germany to undergo the same treatment that fellow NBA players Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill had on their knees, NBC10’s John Clark confirms.

Dr. Peter Wehling, founder of the Center for Molecular Orthopedics in Dusseldorf, will perform the controversial procedure that is known as Regenokine Therapy (a.k.a Orthokine).

Regenokine Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that treats knee injuries, back pain and osteoarthritis. The procedure extracts the body’s natural anti-inflammatory proteins from the patient’s blood and re-injects them into the patient’s knee.

The United States Food and Drug Administration, so far, has not taken a look at the case. Some doctors feel that their are not enough clinical studies to assess any possible side effects.

After McGrady's and Bryant's knee procedures in Germany,  they both felt like the treatment worked wonders for them.

Bynum was so impressed with the condition of his former teammate Kobe's knee that he agreed that the Regenokine procedure is a viable option, sources tell Also, sources say Bynum is not feeling any pain in his knees, but he wants to explore any opportunities to prolong his health.

Last season, the All-Star center averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds in what many would call his best season of his career.

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