Ben Simmons Says He Could Play With LeBron James

I, too, would play with LeBron James if given the opportunity. But I'm here typing these words. Plus, my jump shot is an eyesore. Like really bad.

So Ben Simmons and I have something in common. Our long-range game doesn't exist. The similarities end there.

On Monday, TMZ spotted Simmons at Los Angeles International Airport and decided to ask him what everyone wants to know: Would he like to play with LeBron?

"If he comes," Simmons said, "I'll play with him."

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Simmons and LeBron both play on the ball and are extraordinary playmakers, but could the two facilitators find a way to make it work?

"There's only one way to find out, man," Simmons said.

TMZ asked Simmons about a few other topics too, including the Rookie of the Year. You can watch the entire clip below.

After taking down the Celtics in Game 7 virtually by himself Sunday, LeBron blew off Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Then, Cleveland was bumping Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" in its postgame celebration. Simple math says LeBron is coming. Jokes aside, there are legitimate signs that the King could soon be on his way to South Philly.

The Sixers want to add a superstar and this could be their last summer to do that. Head coach Brett Brown said another "high-level free agent" is required and that "we don't have to turn this into calculus, it's quite clear." LeBron and Simmons share the same agent - Rich Paul. Simmons has previously called LeBron a friend and mentor. Joel Embiid carefully toed the line between tampering at his exit-day interview, saying he'll answer "that question on July 1." Then, the report that LeBron is ready to play off the ball. FS1's Chris Broussard reported May 8 that LeBron has played on the ball his entire career "because he's never really had a teammate who was a playmaker for other guys. Ben Simmons is that."

Some may argue LeBron could stunt Simmons' development but using that argument as a reason for the Sixers not to sign LeBron is just plain silly. Anytime you can add arguably the best player ever to play the sport, you take it and figure things out later. Buckle up because we're getting closer to July 1 and that means we're getting closer to a LeBron decision.

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