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WATCH: Yuzuru Hanyu Falls Short in Historic Quadruple Axel

Watch Yuzuru Hanyu nearly complete the first-ever quadruple axel in Olympic competition during his free skate on Thursday

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Yuzuru Hanyu nearly made history with an attempt at the quadruple axel on Thursday.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist from Japan was slightly under-rotated in his jump, landing him a fourth-place finish with 283.21 points in the free skate.

After the competition, Hanyu was icing his back and said he injured himself during practice on Wednesday.

"I had a few mistakes but I showed the people my story, I think the mistakes make up a part of my program, but I’m happy with it!" he said.

This was the closest Hanyu had come to successfully completing the quadruple axel, which he first displayed at the Japanese nationals in December.

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