And the Week 6 ‘Game of the Week' is…

After more than 21,000 unique votes, we have an NBC10 Blitz "Game of the Week" winner!

And the week 6 winner is... 

Central Bucks East vs. Central Bucks West.

The two schools are in the same school district and have been longtime rivals. The Central Bucks School District will host a hometown crowd at its annual East-West showdown. The game amplifies neighborhood bragging rights.

"The kids played on each other’s team when they are younger but are now adversaries in the high school years," said Central Bucks West football coach Brian Hensel.

Hensel isn't making a big fuss about the game, treating it like any other. West's present record is 4-1 and East's is 2-3 

East football coach John Donnelly looks forward to looking up at the packed stadium of 8,000 to 10,000 people. 

"The school is amped up. There’s a lot of energy in the school. It’s a great atmosphere," said Donnelly.

Amidst the hoopla, the teams seek to maintain level heads. Although the rivalry is intense, Hensel said his "approach to the game is pretty much like any other week."

"It's the biggest thing in the area. They get to bang heads together after playing with each other for so many years," said Central Bucks East athletic director John Reading.

The two football programs have shared the same football field since 1969. Donnelly looks forward to East acquiring its own field in the future. 

Tonight, it's West's turn to be the home team. Good luck to both squads.

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