What's Wrong With “Action” or “D-Jax?”

A discussion of the perfect nickname for Eagles wideout

Don’t worry, this isn’t a story about Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson being injured -- instead it’s a rebuttal to a call out for an appropriate nickname for the explosive playmaker.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Ashley Fox apparently isn’t happy with Jackson’s commonly used moniker “D-Jax.”

Fox raised the nickname concern on a Web chat and plenty of nicknames from “the Incinerator” to “D-Money” were offered up and her emailed box was filled with other suggestions.

But, "I'm still waiting for one that really pops," Fox told NBCPhiladelphia in an email.

Here at NBCPhiladelphia we already frequently use two nicknames for Jackson. Of course there is D-Jax -- the common shortened initial type of nickname bestowed to such athletes at “A.I.,” “M.J.” or “B-Hop.” But, the other nickname we often use perfectly illustrates what the game-changing receiver is all about -- “Action.”

“Action” Jackson -- perfect.

Yes, it isn’t original and half of the Jackson’s in the world have likely been called “Action” Jackson at some point in their lives but for DeSean it makes sense.

The guy makes it happen -- he is the definition of action (seriously, we looked it up).

Just look at one of the definitions of “action” on Merriam Webster’s online dictionary:

“The most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area, or group.”

That sure sounds like D-Jax’s role on field with the Birds -- heck, they might as well put his photo next to that entry.

What do you think?

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