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This week's winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is



    This week's winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is

    This week's winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is Millville High School versus Hammonton High School.

    On Friday, the Hammonton Blue Devils will have home field advantage when they play the Millville Thunderbolts.

    The Millville/Hammonton game won with 64-percent of this week’s votes. The Moorestown-Paul VI game finished second with 21-percent of the votes, and the Pottstown/Great Valley game came in third with 15-percent.

    This is a crucial game for Hammonton as it’s both their last home game of the season and their homecoming weekend.

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    Hammonton started off the season with a blowout loss to Holy Spirit High School, but the team has been on a win streak ever since. The Blue Devils are now 6-1.

    Hammonton’s athletic director Marni Parks says the players are cautiously excited going into Friday’s game.

    “It’s exciting that they’re winning. They’re ready for each game, but they know this is gonna be a tough one. They wanna continue, obviously, to win. So the kids are ready; they know they’ve gotta play their best game,” Parks said. “It’s our last home game, and it’s homecoming, so we need to show up and win.”

    Though they’re facing a tough competition against the 6-0 Blue Devils, athletic director for Millville, David LaGamba said Millville students and football team players are excited about the match-up.

    “We’re pretty excited about competing against them; they’re gonna be a tough team to beat,” LaGamba said. “I think we’re already guaranteed a playoff spot, but a win could help us get home field advantage in the playoffs. So we’re really excited and I’m sure the kids are gonna put forth their best effort to win.”

    Parks says there may be some funny stares shared in the crowd at Friday’s game, since the Hammonton football coaches have undergone a rather odd makeover. The coaches haven’t shaved since the team won their first game back in September.

    “It looks like Duck Dynasty on our sideline. They’ve got their Timberland boots on and their long beards. They look ridiculous, but it’s working. So we just have to go with it,” she said.

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