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It's Taking Longer For Birds Fans To Nest



    It's Taking Longer For Birds Fans To Nest
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    The birds in the stands were taking longer to come back to the nest this year.

    Something is amiss in the land of the Eagles.

    In previous years, standing room only tickets sold out “in a matter of few minutes.” And this year, despite being on sale for more than four hours, a number of tickets were still available as of mid afternoon Thursday despite being on sale for more than four hours.

    This leads us to the only logical question. Why?

    There could be a number of factors that went into the less-than-overwhelming support, and none of them have to do with the actual team.

    The most probable answer to this mystery is that the economy wiped out whatever savings people were gathering to go to one of these games. While $55 doesn’t sound like much for a NFL game, you have to figure in parking prices, food and maybe even the wages lost if that person took the day off of work to go to the game.

    Also tied to the economy, another factor for the lack of ticket sales could be the success of the Phillies. Why spend $55 plus for a ticket in December when you could spend less than that, go to a game now and get a seat?

    Which brings in the next scenario. Who wants to stand for hours in the middle of the winter? When I hear the words standing room, I don’t think football. I think of baseball and walking around the stadium during a warm summer night, catching a view of the game from anywhere in the ballpark.

    Finally, it could also be that some of the Eagles faithful were starting to see traces of red within the green. The Phillies won the city's first major championship in over 25 years. That pulled some people from other sports to theirs.

    (And, I knew I said it didn’t have to do with the actual team, but losing so many times when you’re so close really isn’t the best way to keep fans.)