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How Pedro Will Make His Money



    How Pedro Will Make His Money
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    Pedro Martinez will make some nice bank depending on how many times he wears that "P" on his hat.

    Thank God for the Zo Zone.

    On a dreary Tuesday afternoon, one in which office productivity probably stood around 15 percent (less if even a whisper of new Halladay news came out), beat writer Todd Zolecki posted pretty much the entire Pedro Martinez contract.

    Most of it was pretty standard -- other parts were downright hilarious. 

    Zolecki broke it down like this:

    Martinez is guaranteed roughly $938,000 -- a number that may quiet some anti-Pedro sentiments.

    When it comes to actually playing, Martinez will cash in an additional $75,000 for his sixth through 10th starts and $100,000 for his 11th through 15th starts.

    If he comes in for relief work, Martinez can make $50,000 for 10 relief appearances, $50,000 for 15 appearances, $50,000 for 20 appearances and another $50,000 for 25 appearances. So if he enters 25 games he would earn a cool 200 grand.

    Martinez can also make $75,000 for pitching 50 innings, $125,000 for pitching 75 innings and $175,000 for throwing 100 innings.

    Martinez can also make some money by staying healthy. He will make $50,000 if he is on the active roster for 15 days. Then if he remains on the roster for additional 15 days, he will make another $50,000, all the way up to 75 days. So if he stays on the roster for 75, Martinez can make an easy $250,000.

    Then things get amusing.

    In the maybe-could-happen category, Martinez can earn $100,000 for being named Comeback Player of the Year. He could also earn an additional $25,000 by winning a Gold Glove.

    In the improbable chance that he gets named World Series MVP, Martinez will receive a $100,000 bonus and $50,000 if he gets named as the NLCS MVP.

    And then, although it’s almost impossible, Martinez will get a bonus for placing in Cy Young contention. He’ll get $100,000 for finishing first, $75,000 for finishing second and $50,000 for finishing third in the voting.

    And it looks like Martinez was ready to earn some of his money sooner-rather-than-later.

    He threw 64 pitches in a four-inning simulated game in Clearwater, Fla. on Tuesday. He called his effort a “really big step.”

    He faced 20 batters and struck out six, reported.

    “I thought it went very well. The ball seemed to be coming out of his hand much better, I think, in the second two innings than the first. I was impressed with his ability to throw his off-speed pitches for strikes,” general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

    Martinez will reportedly throw off a bullpen mound on Thursday and could pitch in a minor league game as soon as Sunday.