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Eagles Staffer Spits on Cowboys' Blue Star

Web site editor says his actions were "extreme"



    Eagles Staffer Spits on Cowboys' Blue Star
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    The star at Cowboys Stadium on November 1, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.

    First DeSean Jackson's tweet and now this.

    An Eagles staffer has landed himself in hot water for spreading his saliva across the Cowboys' field last Sunday and posting the video online.

    Dave Spadaro, editor of PhiladelphiaEagles.com -- the team's official Web site, was filming a video in the middle of Cowboys Stadium before last Sunday's game when he spit on the team's logo -- twice.

    In the video, which was uploaded to the team's site for some time, Spadaro panned the camera around to make sure the coast was clear before spitting on the emblem.

    "There you go fellas," he said after spitting.

    Spadaro then spit on the logo a second time after saying: "I could do more…you know what, Dallas kinda deserves a second one."

    The video was removed from the team's site Wednesday, but lives on YouTube.

    Spadaro's actions set off ire in Dallasland with sports talk radio station The Fan 105.3 fanning the flames. They've dubbed the incident Spitgate 2010.

    The editor posted an open letter of apology to the team's site late Wednesday calling his actions "extreme."

    "It was not my intention to insult the Cowboys. It was my intention to enjoy the spirit of a great sports rivalry, and I clearly went over the line and acted unprofessionally," he said in the letter.

    Spadaro said he made many mistakes over the years with the site and thanked the franchise for always supporting him.

    "I am deserving of the punishment coming my way, and of the scorn of Dallas fans and those who did not appreciate my actions," he said.

    The Cowboys are very protective of their emblem ever since former Eagle Terrell Owensdefiled danced on the star following a touchdown back in 2000. The wide receiver was a 49er at the time.

    We've reached out to both Spadaro and the Eagles for comment, but haven’t yet heard back.