Fumo's in Prison, His Mansion's For Sale

Asking price is $5.5 million

On the same day former state senator Vince Fumo was getting acquainted with his new digs (minimalist, to be sure) a For Sale sign went up again in front of the democrat's Green Street mansion.

This time, Fumo's finest property is listing for $5,550,000. It has six bedrooms, seven full baths and three partial baths. Prosecutors tried, but failed to seize the fortress and other properties after his conviction. The government wanted to use the money to recoup some of the money they say he made off his crimes.

Fumo started serving his 55-month prison sentence Monday at Ashland Federal Correctional Institution in Kentucky.

It's a low-security prison, but a stark contrast to the finer things in life Fumo is accustomed to. The Philadelphia Inquirer gives a glimpse of how Fumo's new life will compare to the days when he was arguably the most powerful Democrat in the state, and why prison life will likely be a huge adjustment for a guy described as "the ultimate control freak."

"If you're lucky, you'll get new underwear. If you're lucky, you'll get old boots -- they're broken in," Steve Vincent, who runs Federal Prison Consultant Services, told the paper.

Fumo's lavish lifestyle included four homes, a 100-acre farm, and a $1 million law-firm salary. reports the paper. In prison, he'll get a bunk, a locker, and a job that pays a paltry 12-cents-an-hour job. Fumo won't have Internet access or a cell phone.

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