Philadelphia's “Plan C” Budget Impact Highlights

The Nutter administration released this list of potential cuts should it be forced to implement is "Plan C" budget:


Budget Reduction: $14.4 million
Positions Eliminated: 300

  • Trash pickup reduced to twice monthly
  • Stop mechanical cleaning and special event cleaning
  • City-owned litter baskets removed
  • Switch 1,000 traffic signals to flash
  • Remove bulbs from 4,000 street lights for arterial roadways
  • Stop alley light repairs
  • Reduce maintenance of street lights

By Early September:

  • Identify light bulbs to be removed and inform neighborhoods impacted
  • Notify citizens of reduced trash collection schedule
  • Identify traffic signals to be switched to flash


Budget Reduction: $29.6 million
Positions Eliminated: 490

  • All 53 branch and Central Libraries cease operations including the following:
  • LEAP after school program for 80,000 children and teens
  • 150 Books Aloud! programs
  • Partnerships with schools including librarian visits, Reading Olympics, Philadelphia scholarship program
  • 15 Teen Author Series programs
  • 27 Adult education programs presented by literacy organizations
  • Summer Reading for 55,000 children, teens and adults
  • Free computer classes
  • 40 teen programs
  • 10 Small business programs
  • Sundays on Stage
  • 135 Author Events
  • One Book, One Philadelphia
  • Free Library Festival

Grant Programs including:

  • IMLS Growing Our Own Student Librarians
  • GlaxoSmithKline Science in the summer – 47 sessions, 1,400 youth participating
  • Claneil Books Aloud with PHA Sites
  • PNC Books Aloud with Head Starts and libraries
  • Merck science programs with LEAP
  • LSTA College and Career Prep with LEAP and at 5 branches across city
  • IMLS Media Mash Up national project

By Early September:

  • Stop 3 week book renewals
  • Cancel special collection loans and retrieve outside loans
  • Cancel Fall Author Series and all special programming for Fall
  • Begin to notify program providers, volunteers (including court-ordered volunteers) outside organizations using meeting spaces, special event and series’ sponsors, interns, work-study participants, parents, schools and others that all library functions cease October 2


Budget Reduction: $30.8 million
Positions Eliminated: 520

  • All 160 Recreation facilities and programs cease operation including:
  • 96 After School programs serving 3000 children
  • 13 Teen Centers serving 1100 teens
  • 34 Tot –Recreation programs serving 1200 young children
  • 6 Older Centers serving 180,000 meals for seniors and programs/activities
  • Maintenance to 73 Parks
  • Sports for 500 community groups using facilities
  • 30 Sports programs serving 45,000 people
  • 66 programs with public schools
  • 110 programs with Catholic Youth Organization
  • 262 baseball fields, 224 basket ball courts, 161 tennis courts, 142 sports fields, 120 school gyms, 56 other gyms

By Early September:

  • Prepare notification for parents with children in pre-school program suggesting they consider finding alternative day care services for their children
  • Prepare notification for parents with children in after school programs suggesting they consider finding alternative after school care

Fairmount Park

Budget Reduction: $11 million
Positions Eliminated: 140

  • Operations cease throughout the system of 63 neighborhood parks, 115 athletic fields, 469 buildings and 13 fountains
  • No grass-cutting
  • No maintenance of restroom facilities
  • No maintenance of ball fields or trails
  • No trash removal
  • Limited tree removal
  • Horticulture Center and Lloyd Hall close to public
  • Permit holders for events may use permitted area but no services (electricity, cleanup, plumbing, security) provided

By Early September

  • Notify organizations with permits for special events from October until the end of the year (such as Dragon Boat Festival, Columbus Day Parade, AIDS Walk) that necessary services may not be available
  • Notify all organizations with meetings, events in Horticulture Center and Lloyd Hall of possible cancellations
  • Notify 136 athletic and youth organizations with field permits of potential disruption including Wissahickon AA and St. Joseph’s Prep


Budget Reduction: $43.9 million
Positions Eliminated: 972

  • Lack of police presence will be felt all across the City.  Support for  various Specialized Districts and further erosion of the remaining specialized Response Units (Strike Force, Traffic Unit, and the Neighborhood Services Unit) will severely hamper crime fighting.
  • Cuts to Anti-violence and anti-drug units, schools resource officers and community relations officers – combined to the massive cuts to services across the city – will only further damage the ability to provide public safety.


Budget Reduction: $16.7 million
Positions Eliminated: 36 officer, 120 firefighter and 40 paramedic positions

  • Deactivation of up to Six Engine Companies, Three Ladder Companies, Five Advanced Life Support Medic Units, affecting neighborhoods across the City. 
  • This is just the tip of the devastation the failure of HB 1828 would have in Public Safety. 


Budget Reduction: $4.7 million
Positions Eliminated: 112

  • Two of the City’s Eight Health Centers will cease operations at a time when visits to the centers has increased by 5% in the last year
  • Wait times will increase by 25% at all 6 remaining health centers
  • Delay treatments for neonatal care, family planning, dental care, immunizations, diabetes, and vaccinations for H1N1

City Planning, Commerce and Historical Commission

Budget Reduction: $5.7 million
Positions Eliminated: 59

  • The City will no longer be able to issue permits needed for the majority of construction or renovation projects in Philadelphia.
  • The City will eliminate all tax credits for job creation and business expansion.
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