Will “Clash of the Titans” Bust Into 3D?

Warner Bros.

The Clash of Dimensions is going on as we speak.

In a sign of the staggering rise of 3D films, Warner Brothers will decide in the next 10 days whether to convert the much-awaited "Clash of the Titans" remake into a 3D sword & scorpion bout, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

They have to move quickly for the March release. The film was shot in 2D, but after noting the success of "Avatar," execs at the company have ordered up batches of the film to be transferred to 3D and screened in the next week. While a film such as "Avatar" was shot beginning to end in 3D, there is a conversion process for a traditionally-shot film like "Titans."

This last-minute tinkering might be a queasy sign for the awaited-remake of the 1981 classic, this time starring Sam Worthington (no stranger to the 3D screen) as Perseus. Do we really need to have to shoe-horn 3D so that Liam Neeson as Zeus is throwing 3D thunderbolts? Is this going to look a little funky? Laurence Olivier, who played Zeus in the original, would probably shake his bearded head.

But clearly the rush is on. If it goes through, "Clash" will be the second movie that March 26 weekend which will open in 3D alongside DreamWorks "How To Train Your Dragon."

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