How Do The Walking Dead’s 2 Major Season 7 Premiere Kills Rank Among Its Most Important Deaths?

A look at the most heart-wrenching kills the show has offered up.

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Oof. That hurt. A lot.

(Serious spoiler warning for Sunday's season seven premiere of The Walking Dead. Be gone if you've yet to watch)

From Shane to Lori to Hershel to Tyreese, The Walking Dead has never been shy about ripping your heart out by killing the characters closest to your heart. Whether it's Hershel being beheaded by the Governor or Lori's gruesome death during childbirth, the writers have time and again shown you cannot afford to get overly attached to any character.

Ranking The Walking Dead's Most Important Deaths

Now that "The Walking Dead" has officially been taken over by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the AMC hit series will never be the same. He took out TWO main characters in the season seven premiere: Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). It was bloody. It was brutal. It was awful, especially Glenn, who's been a fan favorite since the beginning of the show, and leaves behind a devastated and pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

But were they the most significant ones? We updated our ranking of TWD's most devastating deaths with Lucille's two victims...

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