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Rudy Giuliani’s Former DOJ Colleagues Believe He Committed Crimes in Biden Probe

"I think the Giuliani that I know would prosecute the Giuliani of today," said Jeffrey Harris, who worked closely with him in the 1980s

On a Friday in late July, Rudy Giuliani boarded a plane to Spain to meet with an adviser to the Ukrainian president about a plan to investigate Joe Biden, NBC News reported.

The trip was described in a whistleblower’s complaint. Several former Giuliani colleagues said they believe it should appear in a future indictment.

Giuliani’s role in the scandal that has triggered an impeachment inquiry is still coming into focus. But several legal experts who used to work with the former U.S. attorney-turned New York City mayor-turned chief President Donald Trump defender told NBC News they believe his conduct likely broke the law.

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"This is certainly not the Giuliani that I know," said Jeffrey Harris, who worked as Giuliani’s top assistant when he was at the Justice Department in the President Ronald Reagan administration. "I think the Giuliani that I know would prosecute the Giuliani of today."

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