Pipe-Wielding Vandals in KISS Masks Smash Cars in NJ Rampage

A group of vandals looked like rock and roll legends as they wrecked cars at a New Jersey body shop.

Police are seeking four suspects who wore masks similar to the makeup used by the rock group KISS and trashed more than two dozen cars in North Jersey.

Saddle Brook police say the four caused $40,000 in damage at SB Maaco Auto Body Shop.

Deputy Chief Robert White tells The Record newspaper security video shows the four used metal pipes, a fire extinguisher and a shovel to smash windshields and windows during a 20-minute rampage over the weekend.

The white masks feature black stars over the eye area – similar to the makeup worn by KISS’ Paul Stanley.

“Our hope is that someone from the public can identify one or all of the hoodlums involved in this disturbing and shocking crime, or maybe have heard of them boasting about their most stupid behavior,” White told the paper. “They may have thought their silly rampage was a joke and funny, but our desire is that they soon learn just how not a joke it is to be locked up in the Bergen County Jail.”

This is the second time this week that cars were destroyed by someone impersonating a music legend. On Wednesday, a man claiming he is deceased rapper Tupac Shakur used a hammer to smash police cars in Philadelphia.

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