Insulting Tweets Lead to Girl Fight at High School

Law enforcement sources say insulting messages on Twitter led to a massive brawl in a school hallway that left a school nurse injured and several students in handcuffs.

Sources tell NBC10 the conflict began after a Twitter account was set up naming the "hoes" of Overbrook High School.

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The brawl began on the third floor of the school around 10:15 Monday morning with just two girls fighting, according to Philadelphia Police Chief of School Safety Carl Holmes.

"That disturbance then escalated to involve two other females and several male students," said Holmes.

"As a result of this disturbance several injuries were reported -- two minor injuries to students and one minor leg injury to an administrator."

According to the Philadelphia School District, the admin hurt during the melee was a school nurse trying to break things up who suffered an injured leg. EMTs later helped her out of the building and into a waiting ambulance. 

The rest of the injuries were considered to be minor -- mostly, cuts, scratches, bumps and bruises, according to school officials.

Following the fight, police put the school on lockdown. Nearly one dozen school district and Philadelphia Police vehicles responded to the school at Lancaster Avenue and 59th Street.

"We have made 10 to 12 arrests for various charges -- mostly disorderly conduct and fighting," said Holmes.

Philadelphia Police could be seen outside the school loading three female students into the back of a police car and at least two male students into a police van.

Police say nine students were cited for disorderly conduct and released. It's now up to the District Attorney to pursue charges. The students could eventually be suspended or expelled.

Holmes said it wasn't clear if the brawl began during a change of class or if the students went out into the hallway to fight.

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