Brides Get Down and Dirty in Photos

Brides wow their friends, scare their mothers

Daring brides are donning their gorgeous gowns for one last time to "rock the frock" and "trash the dress" to add to their wedding albums.

These photo shoots can show brides on fire, poised in junkyards, cuddled up with their groom in caves or in seductive poses on beaches or picturesque bays.

"It's just girls wanting something different to show," said Dallas photographer Lynn Michelle. "I think some wanted to wow their friends and family and scare their mothers a little bit."

It's photography for brides such as Kyle Kiser, who want something unconventional in their wedding albums.

"Everyone says you wear your dress once, and I wanted to get more than one wear out of it," she said.

Michelle shot Kiser in her dress in a lake at sunset.

"I mean, it's just a dress; it'll be fun, and then the pictures will be worth more than anything," Kiser said.

Her mother, Debbie Toler, said she initially had reservations about the unconventional photo shoot.

"At first I was going, 'Oh no, we're going to trash that expensive, beautiful dress,'" she said. "But then I thought, 'What the heck. You never wear it again.'"

Kiser likes to bake fancy round-cake confections, so she decided to eat the sweets for the camera while also smearing the mess on her dress.

The big finale was a dive into the lake accented by seductive poses she thought her husband will enjoy.

Kiser said the photos will make a nice surprise for her husband, who is stationed in Korea.

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