“Most Powerful Storm Ever to Make Landfall” Slams Philippines

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan

The most powerful storm ever to make landfall, typhoon Haiyan, ravaged the Philippines with winds approaching 200 mph early Friday. Three deaths have been confirmed by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. Millions of people in the country have fled to search for safety in anticipation of the category-five super typhoon, which caused mudslides, flash flooding, and storm surge with waves up to 30 feet. “It is the most powerful storm ever to make landfall,” Weather Channel lead meteorologist Michael Palmer told NBC News. “It is as strong a typhoon as you can get, basically.” The typhoon made landfall with winds of 195 mph - a magnitude that can blow apart storm-proof shelters due to the pressure they create. The storm slammed the islands of Leyte, Samar and the northern part of Cebu Province early Friday. Forecasters said the system will eventually move on to Vietnam and Laos.

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