Death Toll in Wash. Mudslide Expected to Rise

Washington state officials said Friday that the number of confirmed dead in the massive mudslide that struck the town of Oso still stands at 17. Snohomish County District 21 Fire Chief Travis Hots said Thursday night that the death toll was expected to jump considerably Friday, after at least eight more bodies were believed to have been found. But during Friday morning's presser, Hots said he could only provide numbers the medical examiner’s office is reporting. “There’s a process we go trough to get people to the medical examiner’s office," Hots said. "They will report numbers when they are done." Officials are expected to provide another update at 9 p.m. ET. Some 200 people continued to comb through the disaster site Friday, after the search was hampered Thursday by rain. The number of missing is estimated at 90, although that could go down as more people are found safe or duplicate names are checked off.

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