Motorcycle Crashes, Flips After Going Over 100 MPH, Entire Accident Caught on Camera

A video posted on Facebook by police in Pennsylvania shows a motorcycle rider who flipped over while driving at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

According to the Limerick Township Police Department, the rider suffered only minor injuries because he was wearing a helmet and fell on soft grass. The rider's helmet was outfitted with a GoPro camera, according to police, which captured the rider speeding by a car before flipping over. 

Emergency crews were called when witnesses of this incident on Lightcap Road called 911. An investigation by the police led to discovery of the video, which was then posted on the Limerick PD's Facebook page.

In a Facebook post, police urged motorists of all types to be cautious saying, "These drivers are out there, please be careful!"

The post stated that the video was an example of "why you should NOT drive 106 MPH on Lightcap Rd and not know it ends in a T intersection, all while wearing a GoPro camera!"

Police said the driver allowed the police access to the video.

Charges against the driver are pending, police said in the post. 

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