Man Shot, Killed After Arguing With Patrolman Over Double Parking: Police

Police are investigating the death of a man who was shot and killed in West Philadelphia after allegedly arguing with a patrolman over double parking.

Police say the unidentified victim was driving on the 100 block of North Dewey Street shortly before 3 a.m. while a block party was going on. He then pulled up behind another car that was double parked, according to investigators.

Police say the man inside the double parked car, described by officials as a private patrolman with a license from Pennsylvania, then left the vehicle leading to a confrontation between the two men.

Investigators say the patrolman had on a bulletproof vest, a badge and was licensed to carry a weapon. According to police, during the argument the man told the patrolman he was “not a real cop.” Police say both men then began firing shots at each other, though they have not yet revealed who fired first.

"I didn't know it happened at first.  I saw everybody rush out of the house. So when I saw people rush in the house, I knew it was gunfire," said Nathaniel Tardy, neighbor.

The first man was struck in the chest and died at the scene. The patrolman was also struck but survived the shooting.

Police say they found at least 9 shell casings at the scene.

Renee Brooks, the aunt of the victim, says the man was dropping off his girlfriend before the incident. Brooks also says she doesn't believe her nephew fired any shots despite what police reported.

"A young man is dead!" Brooks said. "He's dead, over a parking spot. Because he said he wasn't a real cop? That's why he's dead? That doesn't make sense to me. None of this makes sense to me."

According to Brooks, the victim was the father of a child and had another on the way.

Police have not yet identified the victim or the patrolman. The patrolman was interviewed by homicide detectives following the incident.

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