Major Explosion at NH Ball Bearings Plant

Authorities say between 13 to 15 people were injured in an explosion at a ball bearings factory in New Hampshire Monday, and at least two suffer from critical injuries.

The explosion took place at New Hampshire Ball Bearings on Route 202 in Peterborough, N.H. Emergency crews responded to a report of an explosion and burns just after 3:30 p.m. ET

Nearby businesses reported the explosion shook them as far as a half a mile away.

About 100 firefighters responded to the scene, along with rescue personnel from 10 different towns. Crews are currently in a holding pattern since it's unknown what caused the explosion or where it originated from.

"Yeah, when it's a hazardous material situation, every fire department is trained to handle a hazardous material situation, and part of that training is knowing when not to go in." Eric Bowman of the Peterborough Fire Dept. said. "If you don't know enough, you're not going to put yourself in danger. Luckily, we have the Keene Hazmat team here, that is their expertise, they're going to handle any of those challenges and deem it safe before any body else goes in."

N.H. Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement Monday evening: "My thoughts and prayers go out to those injured in today's explosion, to their families and loved ones, and to the entire Peterborough area where NH Ball Bearings is such an important member of the community."

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