Lady GaGa Talks VMAs, Michael Bolton & Fame: ‘I Don't Like Celebrities'

Singer says she "doesn't like" famous people

Lady GaGa says she's bringing the art world to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 13.

"It's less of me singing the song, and more of an art installation. A performance-art piece," she told Newsweek. "We've been working on it for months and months."

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The "Just Dance" singer wouldn't reveal what song she'll be performing, but added that it'll be a VMA moment to remember.

"I know it will," she said. "I sort of have this philosophy about things: there's never a reason to do something unless it's going to be memorable, unless it's going to change things, unless it's going to inspire a movement. With the song and with the performance, I hope to say something very grave about fame and the price of it."

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GaGa's own fame has risen dramatically this year thanks to the success of hits such as "Pokerface" and "Just Dance," with her debut album, "The Fame," one of the year's best-selling albums.

She told the mag that her success in part is due to her online fans, who follow her performances from across the world.

"As much as I like to light the [live] show for the room, it's important to light the show and design the sound for YouTube," she said. "In truth, lots of my fans can't make it to my shows in Israel or Germany or in Paris, so they go online to watch them."


And while the 23-year-old star hasn't been famous long, she said she's been waiting to be a celebrity her entire life.

"I think I was in my mother's womb," she said. "But it's not about fame, you see. It's about 'The Fame.' It's about a life of glamour. I believe in a glamorous life."

Still, the star said she prefers "inner confidence" to Hollywood stars.

"I myself don't like celebrities," she said. "I just haven't had an excellent personal experience with celebrities. But I'm sure there are a few lovely ones. I have made a few friends, of course."

Among her supporters, she added, is Madonna, to whom she is frequently compared.

"We have exchanged messages [through] mutual people that we know," GaGa said. "She is very kind to me and supportive. I appreciate her support very much."

She also weighed in a song she wrote for Michael Bolton, which she said revealed another side of her.

"I love Michael Bolton, and I always have," she said. "It was an exciting opportunity to work with someone as timeless as Michael and do a ballad. Do something that I'm really good at that I don't get to show very much."

However, fans will get to see GaGa herself show off her softer side soon.

"I will be showing [it] on the re-release [of 'The Fame'], which is coming out this fall," she said.

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