“Jersey Shore” Gang Spoofs “Twilight” On Kimmel, Universe Implodes

It’s always odd to see one eminently spoofable pop culture entity try and spoof another eminently spoofable pop culture entity. Ah, but leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to figure out a way to make it all work somehow. Behold “Friggin’ Twilight,” the digital short featuring Snooki and the “Jersey Shore” gang making fun of Kristen Stewart and her permapout:

Well played, Mr. Kimmel. Very well played.

It’s old news by now that Twihards (or whatever they’re called) camped out for DAYS in LA in anticipation for the film’s premiere. Keep in mind these movies aren’t even that good. And yet, they only seem to be gaining in popularity each go round. This is bound to infuriate people who hate “Twilight,” which is to say anyone male and over the age of 14.

So what you’re seeing now is “Twilight” officially taking the top spot among current spoofable pop culture entities. Sure, “Jersey Shore” is ludicrous. But it’s already a spoof of itself. Ah, but “Twilight.” That has just the right blend of deathly seriousness and slavish fan devotion to be a perfect punching bag for the Kimmels of the world. The hating “Twilight” movement is now almost as large an industry as the books and films themselves. And, like the movies, the contempt is only growing. Join us a year from now when Kimmel spoofs “Breaking Dawn” by deploying Spencer Pratt as the vampire baby.

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