DNC Attendees Show What They Think of the Candidates

We asked delegates and attendees at the the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to describe Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Republican and Democratic nominees, in one word each. Here are their responses.

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Sarah Glover/NBC
Nancy Wanderer is a delegate from Maine who went to school with Hillary Clinton, graduating from Wellesley in 1969. Her New Year’s resolution was to get Hillary elected. “I really believe in her,” Wanderer said.
Sarah Glover/NBC
Molly Golden was excited to attend the convention in Philadelphia. "I think it [the DNC] shows that Hillary understands the complexities of many of the issues," she said. "Most of the issues we are dealing with from racism to the economy to civil wars [abroad] are multifaceted. It’s an insult to all humans to distill those problems in 140 characters.”
Kate Guarino/NBC
Gregory McKelvey, 23, is a Sanders delegate from Oregon. He said he would only vote for Clinton if Oregon votes for Trump.
Sarah Glover/NBC
Max Adams is a Democratic Committee member from Raleigh, North Carolina. "I feel the unity," he said. "Most Hillary and Bernie delegates are determined to go home and work harder than ever to elect Hillary.”
Kate Guarino/NBC
49-year-old Jesse Aguilar is a Clinton delegate from California. He said the issue he's most passionate about this election is public education.
Kate Guarino/NBC
20-year-old Melissa Cairo is a rising junior at Brown University and a Clinton delegate from California, studying political science and biology. "Healthcare is a big issue for me. The Clintons have been on the forefront of that forever in politics." She believes immigration will be one of the most consequential issues in this election.
Sarah Glover/NBC
Sheila Tyson, of Birmingham, Alabama, is a city council member, delegate and first-time convention-goer. “It’s time that women have taken a place in government," she said. "Everyone fights for rights. No one has really stood up for equal pay for women." Tyson is a Hillary supporter.
Sarah Glover/NBC
Carol Heasley is an alternate delegate from San Diego. Heasley says the excitement around the election process has resulted in the interest that we should all have in our democracy.
Kate Guarino/NBC
25-year-old Daniel Clark is a Bernie Sanders delegate from Iowa and will vote for Jill Stein if Sanders is not made the nominee. The issue of most concern to him is LGBT rights. "Bernie Sanders has been an LGBT activist longer than I've been alive. Hillary Clinton has been an LGBT activist for about three years. She might have done a lot for us in those three years but Bernie's been at it his whole life."
Kate Guarino/NBC
64-year-old Allison Vail Sanders, delegate from Colorado. The two issues she's most passionate about in this election are world peace and climate change.
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