Man Cleared of Greenville Shooting: ‘I'm Cleared, I'm Free'

"I'll never forget what happened to me and what occurred; it's always going to be with me forever" Brandon Gonzales said

Less than a day after being released from jail, Brandon Gonzales says he had no doubt he would eventually be cleared.

"I knew I was coming home because I knew I was innocent," Gonzales said.

Gonzales spent nine days behind bars after being arrested and accused of the Oct. 26 Greenville party shooting that killed two and injured a dozen -- six by gunfire.

"I'll never forget what happened to me and what occurred; it's always going to be with me forever," Gonzales said Wednesday.

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The Hunt County Sheriff's Department released Gonzales Tuesday after discovering evidence they say cleared him, combined with a lack of cooperation from some witnesses at the scene.

The family of Kevin Berry, who was shot and killed during the shooting, said they learned of Gonzales' release on Facebook.

"I broke down last night. I was like my son is dead and he don't got no justice," Nakima Alexander said.

Alexander believes the investigation has been mishandled from the start and said the heartbreak over her son's death has turned to anger.

"Put yourself in my shoes. You’d probably get a little angry too," she said.

Gabriel Gonzales, Brandon Gonzales' brother, stood by his brother from the beginning and told NBC 5 Wednesday that the focus should now be on finding the real killer.

"We have work to do to bring justice to the victims' families," Gabriel Gonzales said.

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