#BabiesForBernie Inspires Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween approaching, dressing the kids up as one of the 2016 presidential candidates might be a popular option among politically minded parents.

viral campaign of #BabiesForBernie has already drawn countless adorable photos of little ones dressed up like the Vermont senator.

The hashtag may become inspiration for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders-inspired Halloween costumes. It’s as easy as adding a white wig, some glasses, and a Bernie pin.

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However, there’s more options than just Sanders for parents who aren’t feeling the Bern.

Last year, Buzzfeed included Hillary Clinton on a list of “Awesome Feminist Costume Ideas for Little Grrrrrls.”

Their costume featured a black turtleneck, sunglasses, smartphone and large brooch reminiscent of the ones the former secretary of state was known for wearing.

Purchasing a simple suit might be enough to do the trick to give off the vibe of the Democratic frontrunner. Clinton often makes fun of her signature pantsuit look, calling herself a “pantsuit aficionado” in her Twitter description.

There’s no shortage of options for those looking to emulate Republican candidate Donald Trump in their kid's costume.

Bustle compiled a list of options for children which evoke Trump’s most iconic looks.

A pre-made Baby Trump costume can make any baby look like they have an alleged net worth of $10 billion for substantially less money. BrandsOnSale.com’s $34.99 costume features a pinstripe suit, briefcase, red tie and a wad of cash sticking out of the pocket.

For the crafty, creating a do-it-yourself Trump costume is easy. All that’s needed is a suit, tie, wig and maybe a red baseball cap to complete the look.

Not a fan of any of the political candidates? Another current-event inspired costume is the Baby Pope.

This costume was worn by a baby in Philadelphia during the pope’s parade through the city. While the original wearer of the costume was actually blessed by Pope Francis, this outfit unfortunately isn't guaranteed to do the same for every child.

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Adults looking to get in on the fun can take inspiration from real life fans of candidates, like one Trump supporter who showed up at a rally last month in a homemade dress which was covered in photos of the Donald.

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A supporter of Clinton arrived at the candidate's Latinos for Hillary Rally in San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday with an image of Clinton shaved into her head.

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If these options are too extreme, there’s the painting a Trumpkin alternative, like one Illinois man has become famous for.

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