WATCH: Man Paints Over Anti-Police Graffiti on I-95 in Chester

Police and thousands of Facebook users are thanking a landscaping company owner who took it upon himself to cover up anti-police graffiti on an I-95 overpass in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Pat McCusker, the owner of Garnet Valley Farms, told NBC10 he was driving on I-95 when he saw the words “Cop Killen Season” spray-painted on an overpass.

“My initial reaction when I first drove by was I can’t believe that’s even up there,” he said.

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A few days later, McCusker passed by the graffiti again and decided to take action. As another person recorded, McCusker painted over the anti-police message and put up pictures of smiling snowmen as well as an American flag. McCusker posted video of him covering up the graffiti on his company’s Facebook page Saturday. So far it has over 71,000 views and hundreds of comments from Facebook users showing their appreciation. 

“They have a hard job to do and they’re trying to keep us all safe,” McCusker said. “So if it’s the season for anything, it’s the season for Christmas. It’s not the season for killing anybody, let alone police.”

Chester Police Chief Otis Blair told NBC10 he’s thankful the graffiti, which was on the overpass for several weeks, is finally gone. He also said he understands, however, that many residents in the area have a negative view of police.

McCusker insists he wasn’t trying to make a political statement with his video, but was instead, merely trying to spread some Holiday cheer.

“It didn’t really have any agenda,” McCusker said. “I just wanted to make people smile and get that garbage off the wall.”

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