Ambushed Police Officer Remains Hospitalized, Will Need More Surgeries

More than 10 days after he was shot three times in an ambush, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett remained hospitalized on Monday.

Hartnett has already undergone numerous surgeries to repair severe damage caused by the three bullets that tore through his arm the night of Jan. 7. He was in his patrol car at 60th and Spruce streets that night when police say Edward Archer, 30, walked up to the car and opened fire on him at point-blank range in an attempt to assassinate the officer.

Hartnett, 33, a five-year veteran, will need additional surgeries to continue repairing his arm, but is said to be doing well. It's not clear how long he'll remain hospitalized, but Thursday will mark two weeks since the shooting, which kicked off a terror probe after the accused shooter allegedly claimed he did the shooting in the name of Islam.

FBI officials said last week that their investigation concluded that Archer was not part of a terror cell and that there were no indications that additional attacks were imminent.

Archer is charged with attempted murder, illegal-gun possession and related offenses. The gun he used, police said, was a stolen police weapon.

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