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Boy, 11, Can See for First Time in Years

He is on the autism spectrum and he says he has “awesomeutism”

Boy Records Brother Regaining Sight

Plainville family calls it a miracle after one of their sons can see again. (Published Monday, July 4, 2016)

Eleven-year-old Matthew Blake, of Plainville, Connecticut, has endured partial blindness for half his young life, but the miracle his family hoped for happened this weekend, a few days after he went through another surgery.

“I woke up this morning and I opened one eye and I was making sure I could open the other one and out of nowhere I took off the patch. Both eyes were open! I actually saw everything,” Matthew said in the video one of his brothers took, capturing the moving moment on video.

Matthew had gone through eye surgery when he was younger after a doctor noticed a severe case of bilateral dislocated lenses and also learned he had Marfan’s Syndrome.

Not even a year passed before Matthew turned to his mother and said he thought he was blind in his left eye.

They soon learned he needed surgery immediately, but there was too much damage to the eye for another lens to help, his mother said.

A couple of weeks ago, Matthew’s new ophthalmologist wanted to try surgery again and set it up for last Wednesday.

On Monday, his mother, Stacy Blake, Plainville, spoke with NBC Connecticut and called her son’s ability to see “a true miracle.”

“Our family has been through things that I can't even begin to explain and this was a true, true miracle,” she said.

Matthew’s brother Austin woke up when he heard his brother say, “I did it. I did it. I did it.” Then, he grabbed his phone and started recording.

“It was just amazing the things he said. I got to share this with people. People will think this is absolutely amazing,” Austin said.

“So it was clearly the best moment of my life and a true joyful miracle,” Matthew Blake said.

Stacy said Matthew is the most positive little man you will ever get to know.

He is on the autism spectrum and he says he has “awesomeutism.”

It’s a term the Blakes have held onto and actually had hats made up with the term.