18 Roosters Removed in Cockfighting Bust

One person is in custody after police busted a cockfighting ring in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

Officials say a tip led them to a home on the 2900 block of E Street where the operation was taking place.

When police arrived on Saturday around 3 a.m., they discovered a large scale cockfight that was in progress, according to investigators. Police say dozens of participants and spectators fled the scene but officers were able to arrest the owner of the property.

Officials with the PSPCA initially told NBC10 that they removed 20 birds from the home. They later sent a press release revealing that they removed 18 live roosters and one dead rooster from the home. The birds were brought to the Erie Avenue shelter for forensic evaluation.

“This is a fairly elaborate setup,’ said George Bengal of the SPCA. “He’s got an area in the back of this location that is pretty well concealed. There’s a lot of training equipment that he has back there. He’s got all the paraphernalia that’s used in bird fighting.”

The homeowner, who has not yet been identified, was arrested. Cruelty charges are pending.

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