Workers Protest at Temple Hospital

The union representing the health care workers at Temple University Hospital held a rally Sunday protesting the administration’s decision appeal the reinstatement of a fired employee accused of sexually harassing a co-worker.

About 100 protestors attended the rally which took place at 3401 North Broad Street.

In a statement released Sunday, the administration says the woman repeatedly violated the hospital standards of conduct and should not be allowed to return to work.

The arbitrator agreed the woman did “engaged in a pattern of conduct that is unbecoming an employee” and that she “distributed sexually explicit material in the work place.” But they ruled the woman should be allowed to return to work because of her “length-of-service”. The employee will not receive back pay or retroactive benefits as part of the decision.

“While respecting the arbitration process, Temple University Hospital filed its appeal because the conduct at issue violates the Commonwealth’s dominant public policy against sexual harassment in the workplace,” Temple’s statement said.

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